Advanced bio-Medical electro-Acupuncture Healing and Regenerating Technology
Advanced bio-Medical electro-Acupuncture Healing and Regenerating Technology





    Back Pain ..... $75

    Shoulder Pain ..... $75

    Ankle/Knee Pain  ..... $75

    Carpal Tunnel  ..... $60

    Tendonitis  ….. $50-$75

    Post Surgery Regeneration  .... $50

    Sports Injury  ..... $50-$75



   Facial (Wrinkles, Sagging Skin, Open Pores).. $75

    Organ Detox  ..... $75

    Sculpting Abdomen or Back   ..... $90

    Sculpting Arms   ..... $80

    Cellulite Back of legs   ..... $90

    Cellulite Buttocks   ..... $80

    Scar reducing  ..... $75

    Stretch Marks Abdomen   ..... $75



    Stress Reliever ..... $30

    Depression ..... $30

    Anxiety ..... $30

    Insomnia ..... $30

    Symptoms of Substance withdrawal .....$30

    Learning disorders (ADD) ..... $30

    Dislexia ..... $30

    Autism ..... $30

    Headaches ..... $30  

    Relaxation  ...... $20-$30



(Note: Average charge is $1 per minute of treatment)

Healing Treatments

We use the Electro-Acuscope which helps the body to heal itself by stimulating the supply of blood and oxygen to the involved area. It does not involve the use of drugs or needles and is effective in the treatment of many types of tissue damage. It is particularly useful in the treatment of swelling, inflammation, and soreness.


Our qualified therapis was trained by a licenced instructor in the use of the Acuscope. 


The Acuscope System is indicated for use, and is effective in the treatment of the following conditions:


  •     •    Joint Inflammation
  •     •    Bowed Tendons
  •     •    Colic
  •     •    Pulled Muscles in the Shoulder
  •     •    Pulled Ligaments
  •     •    Cartilage Damage in Knees
  •     •    Arthritic Conditions of Joints
  •     •    Deteriorating Bones
  •     •    Muscle Spasms
  •     •    Pinched Nerves in the Neck
  •     •    Traumatic Inflammation Injury
  •     •    Mouth Ailments
  •     •    Muscle Spasms in Backs
  •     •    Eliminate Toxins

Beauty Treatments

Our Beauty treatments vary from Facial Regeneration to Abdominal Detox, Abdominal Sculpting, Leg Sculpting, Buttocks Sculpting, Hand Skin Regeneration, etc.  


Our Advanced Bio Medical Instruments such as the MioPulse and the LaFleur are able to recharge the individual cells in your body activating its natural ability to produce collagen, which creates younger looking skin within a few treatments.  Every treatment provides a compounding effect of youthful looking skin and a feeling wellbeing.


Amahre Healing Technology helps to re-energize and stimulate the body's ability to repair aging skin, wrinkles, close pores, diminish scaring, heal from injuries, reduce pain, remove blockages, stiffness, swelling, improve circulation and help reduce stress related ailments. 


Beauty Benefits:


  • Reduce Wrinkles and Expression Lines
  • Improve the Skin's Elasticity & Ability to Produce Collagen
  • Reduce Excess Fluids in the Body
  • Help Improve the Damaged caused by the Sun
  • Tone, Lift, Firm and Define Muscle & Tissue
  • Minimize the Age Spots
  • Minimize Size of Pores
  • Minimize Acne and Rosacea
  • Help Reduce Stress & Promote Relaxation
  • Stimulate Blood Circulation
  • Smooth Cellulite
  • Smooth Scars
  • Activate the Lymphatic System helping to Detoxify the Body

Nervous System Treatments

We use the Neuroscope to treat Nervous System related issues.  The Neuroscope is known to help relieve the following disorders, and althoug it is not a cure for these illnesses and does not represent itself as such, it has successfully addressed the anxiety, depression, and insomnia underlying these disorders.  


The Neuroscope can play a major role in the healing process as follows:


  •        Relieves pain
  •   Achieve most restful deep sleep and improves sleep disorders
  •        Balance mood control
  •        IQ gains
  •        Increases attention focus and memory
  •     Helps with learning disorders (attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity)
  •        TMJ dysfunction
  •        Relieves anxiety and tension
  •        Panic disorders
  •        Stressed induced asthma
  •        Stressed induced hives
  •        Gastrointestinal disorders, ulcers
  •        As a treatment for acidity
  •        Migraine headaches
  •    During drug withdrawal (street drugs, nicotine, prescription drugs)
  •   Chronic fatigue syndrome including fibromyalgia
  •        Pre-menstrual syndrome
  •        Alcohol rehabilitation
  •    Prior or after surgery to relieve pain, swelling and tissue and muscle trauma
  •        Helpful in creative work
  •        Helpful in preparing for examinations
  •       Helpful as an accelerated learning tool to memorize blocks of material
  •    Aid to reach peak performance for the athlete readying for competition (creates a state of relaxed awareness)


Research demonstrates that our Neuroscope produces a mild stimulation in the hypothalamic area of the brain, resulting in balancing neurotransmitter activity (in particular Beta Endorphin and Norepinephrine). The effects achieved are similar to that of a "jogger's high". The Neuroscope produces results by enhancing endorphin production, which assists in reaching deep levels of relaxation.


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